How to create a static website with Hugo Academic

In this post, I will show how you can build a website with Hugo using the academic theme. There are many useful guides out there, and …

Screws (Part 7): An Energy Theorem

In this post, we define notions of power and derive an energy principle, the Kinetic Energy Theorem.

Screws (Part 6): Newton-Euler Formalism

In construction…

Screws (Part 5): The Action Screw

In this post, we model the mechanical actions exerted on a material system by using screw theory.

Screws (Part 4): The Kinetic & Dynamic Screws of a Material System

In this post, we define two new screws fundamental to describe the laws of motion of material systems.

Screws (Part 3): Application to Mechanisms

In this post, we apply basic screw theory to the kinematic analysis of mechanisms.

Screws (Part 2): Application to Kinematics

In this post, we apply basic screw theory to rigid body kinematics.

Screws (Part 1): A Powerful Tool for Rigid Body Mechanics

This is the first of several posts on the topic of screws which is not particularly known in the US engineering community.

Freefall Without Secured Rope

A spectacular video entitled ``Freefall Without Secured Rope'' (Fritt fall uten sikret tau) is well worth watching: In a carefully …