Chaotic Dynamics

Trammel of Archimedes

How to create a static website with Hugo Academic

In this post, I will show how you can build a website with Hugo using the academic theme. There are many useful guides out there, and …

Screws (Part 7): An Energy Theorem

In this post, we define notions of power and derive an energy principle, the Kinetic Energy Theorem.

Screws (Part 6): Newton-Euler Formalism

In construction…

Screws (Part 5): The Action Screw

In this post, we model the mechanical actions exerted on a material system by using screw theory.

Screws (Part 4): The Kinetic & Dynamic Screws of a Material System

In this post, we define two new screws fundamental to describe the laws of motion of material systems.

Screws (Part 3): Application to Mechanisms

In this post, we apply basic screw theory to the kinematic analysis of mechanisms.

Screws (Part 2): Application to Kinematics

In this post, we apply basic screw theory to rigid body kinematics.

Screws (Part 1): A Powerful Tool for Rigid Body Mechanics

This is the first of several posts on the topic of screws which is not particularly known in the US engineering community.