A UD Collaborative Project with DelDOT

The University of Delaware is cooperating with DelDOT to assess the feasibility of installing solar pavement nearby UD’s campus. Solar pavement is a new green energy technology that has gained major traction in recent years. This technology offers the ability to turn ordinary road surface into a renewable energy generator.

Solar pavement offers real advantage in powering on-site electronics away from the grid. Electronic signs, kiosks, and charging ports are powered day and night with a combination of solar panels and electric battery storage.

Solar pavement can also be used to supply backup power in densely populated urban environments. In instances of severe weather events and power blackouts, solar pavement can supply a city with enough power to keep main functions operational. This source of energy has the potential to save lives and save money on disaster relief.

Solar pavement arrays have only been installed in a handful of locations around the world. Many of these installations have experienced major setbacks, as the technology is not well-established. However, several installations have succeeded, and continue to supply emissions-free energy to this day. The University of Delaware’s collaboration with DelDOT is focused on determining suitable applications for solar pavement to make the greatest impact.

Wattway courtesy of Colas