Joining our team

Note that:

          •     Individual faculty/advisers do not make admission decisions

          •     First year graduate students are typically supported by the department

          •     Incoming graduate students and faculty interact during the first semester to decide on

               projects and future financial support.

Any discussion about assistantships, financial aid, etc, initiated with an email typically titled  “interested in joining your group” or “...doing a PhD” is premature; I usually do not read those emails. They reveal that their senders have not done their homework and did not bother reading those lines.

I do not recruit students without first meeting with them. First you apply to our graduate program  (and if you wish so, you can let me know that you did), and after you get admitted, we can talk.

Information about the graduate program, the application process, and admission requirements can be found starting from this web page.

If you are interested in joining our research group, please read the following guidelines carefully: