Mold Filling Simulation using JavaShock Tower Mold Filling
In order to design a Resin Transfer Molding - RTM -  filling process, many parameters are to be considered: the resin and composite filler materials, mold filling, degree of cure, fill pressures, gate and vent location, mold and material cost and process time. A Java applet was developped in order to give the user a feeling about the flow behavior of a resin system during the  RTM process. Two sample molds - a rectangular slab and a complex shock absorbing mounting tower - are presented to give the user an adaptive environment which can be modified to simulate many possible conditions, for example gate location, mold pressure, material viscosities and preform permeabilities. Check it out!

Five Sided Box Mold - Flow SimulationResin Flow in a Five Sided Box Mold
LIMS flow simulation showing the flow front at different time steps. 
Five Sided Box Mold - Comparing ExperimentThe comparing experiment shows that the simulation predicted the flow front of the resin accurately.