Supplemental Faculty

Steven J. Timmins


University of Delaware
016 Smith Hall (302.831.3257)
Newark, DE 19716

Personal website:

Executive Summary

Dr. Timmins is supplemental faculty instructor with an appointment in the College of Engineering and as a Systems Support Consultant IV in IT-Client Support & Services. He received his Ph.D. in 1997 from the University of Delaware. His interests are in automotive engineering applications, kinematics, solid modeling and design.

Dr. Timmins also  owns and operates a full service race preparation and rebuilding shop focusing on Porsche 911 and it's variants.

Key Publications

Timmins, S. J. (2003). “Use of an Inexpensive Driving Simulator in Teaching Vehicle Dynamics”, Middle Atlantic Educause Regional Conference.

Timmins, S. J. and M. Keefe. (1997). “Mechanism Design Application for Porsche Boxster: Analysis Using Prime-Loop Decomposition”, Proceedings of the Fifth National Applied Mechanisms and Robotics Conference.

Timmins, S. J. and M. Keefe. (1995). “Multi-Loop, Multi-Component Mechanism Performance Appraisal”, Proceedings of the Fourth National Applied Mechanisms and Robotics Conference.

Timmins, S. J. (1992). "Development of Commercial Quality Software for Mechanism Design Education", the 1992 American Society of Mechanical Engineers Mechanisms Conference, Phoenix, AZ.

Timmins, S. J., and M. Keefe. (1991). "A Unique Database Structure Allowing Mechanical Design Integration Through Computer Simulation," the Second National Applied Mechanisms and Robotics Conference, Cincinnati, OH.

Research Areas

Automotive Engineering
Internal Combustion Engine modification, management systems, suspension design,aerodynamics with a focus on motorsports.