MEEG636 Fluid Mechanics Measurements

TR 11 to 12:15; 109 Colburn


Dr. Ajay K. Prasad
228 Spencer Lab
Office Hours: MW 10 - 11

Topics to be covered

Laboratory Experiments

Experiments will be conducted in groups of three. However, each student will turn in a separate report. Students will perform a minimum of four lab exercises to gain hands-on experience with the following measurement techniques:

Experiments pertain to the measurement of mean and rms velocity profiles in turbulent pipe flow at a Reynolds number of 10,000, the flow induced by an impeller in a continuously stirred tank reactor (CSTR) and others.

Term Paper

Each student will research a technique of his or her choice related to fluids measurement, collect information from the library and commercial vendors pertaining to that technique, assess the validity of the technique and present their results in the form of a term paper and an in-class Powerpoint presentation.