MEEG636 Fluid Mechanics Measurements

Fall 2004

Colburn 109; TR 11 to 12:15



Dr. Ajay K. Prasad
228 Spencer Lab
Office Hours: MW 10-11


No text required. However, the following references are recommended.



The course will consist of classroom lectures, and laboratory sessions. Demonstration sessions of the equipment and procedures will be held during class hours. Students will also perform approximately 4 experiments to gain familiarity with the techniques that will be discussed in the class-room.

Students will write a term paper pertaining to a new fluid measurement technique, a new design of an existing technique, or explore in depth a particular feature of an existing technique. The term paper will be rigorous in the treatment of the topic, with a literature review, previous history, new innovations, and must include if possible, an analytical treatment. Students are encouraged to select a topic early in the semester and consult the instructor for appropriateness. Students will do a Powerpoint presentation of their paper towards the end of the semester.