EGGG101 Intro to Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Module

Fall 2012

Professor Ajay K. Prasad
302 Spencer Lab
Office Hours: MW 10 - 11 am

Andrew Baker, Robert Hopkins, and Matt Lindemer

Objectives (General)

Objectives (Specific)

Wind Turbine Experiment

Students working in teams of 6 will perform a wind turbine experiment. Each group will acquire one set of data, and each group will submit a single lab report. Experiments will run in Gym 1 of Carpenter Sports Building. Click here for the temporary entrance during construction.

Lab Report

Each lab group will turn in a single report for each experiment. Reports must be typed. Reports should be concise but complete. Use your own words; verbatim copying of the handout should be avoided. Do not pad the length of the report unnecessarily.

The report must contain the following sections:

Grading of Reports

Fulfilling basic requirements listed above (neatness and professionalism is key) will fetch the group an automatic 6 points on a scale of 10. The remaining points will be awarded on the basis of merit including the organization of thoughts, illuminating discussion, and excellence of error analysis.

Lab reports are due no later than one week after performing the experiment. Late reports will be penalized, 0.5 points for every late day. Lab attendance is absolutely necessary. 5 points are automatically deducted from your individual grade if you miss a lab session.

A Peer Evaluation Form may be used to allow students to rank their own contribution, and that of their fellow team members, to the overall lab effort and the resulting lab report. Each individual's ranking is averaged, assigned a numerical value, and used as a multiplier on the team grade, to extract an individual grade. This mechanism will be used to differentiate and appropriately reward individual efforts. (You may be interested to know that companies often use such peer evaluations to calculate annual raises.)