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MEEG331: Fluid Mechanics I

Fall 2008
LEC WF 4:40PM - 5:55PM
Memorial Hall room 127

Dr. Minwei Gong
301 Spencer Lab
Office Hours: F 4:00 – 4:30PM or by appointment

TA (Grading)
Tejas Canchi
131 Spencer Lab
Office Hours: Th 1:00-2:00PM

"Fluid Mechanics" 6th Ed., Frank M. White

"Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics" by Munson, Young and Okiishi
"Fluid Flow" by Sabersky, Acosta & Hauptmann
"Fluid Mechanics" by Streeter & Wylie
"An Album of Fluid Motion" by Milton Van Dyke

Grading Policy
Homework (weekly) (20 %)
Lab (every other week) (20 %)
Mid-Term 1 (15 %)
Mid-Term 2 (15 %)
Final Exam (30 %)

(1) Homework is due on Friday BEFORE class. Late homework is NOT accepted.
(2) Midterms and Final Exam are closed book/closed notes.


Course Schedule

Chapter 1: Introduction (9/3-9/10)

Definition of a fluid, continuum; properties of fluids;
Dimensions and units; Solution methodologies;
Flow kinematics; Streamlines, streaklines, pathlines, timelines.

Chapter 2: Pressure Distribution in a Fluid (9/12-9/19)

Pascal's law; Pressure variation in a static fluid;
Manometry; Pressure force on submerged surfaces;
Buoyancy and Stability.

10/3 (Friday) Mid-Term 1

Chapter 3: Integral Relations for a Control Volume (9/24-10/29)

Basic physical laws for fluid mechanics;
Reynolds transport theorem; Conservation of Mass,
Linear and Angular Momentum; Conservation of Energy;
Bernoulli Equation.

11/7 (Friday) Mid-Term 2

Chapter 4: Differential Relations for Fluid Flow (10/31-11/21)

Acceleration field of fluid; Differential Equations for
Mass Conservation, Linear and Angular Momentum;
Differential Equation for Energy; Stream Function
and Vorticity.

Chapter 5: Dimensional Analysis and Similarity (11/26-12/10)

Dimensional Homogeneity; Buckingham Pi Theorem;
Standard dimensionless parameters in fluid mechanics;

12/10 (Wednesday) Last day of class

Final: TBA


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