Young Engineer's Student Paper Competition Award Winners

Call for Student Papers

The ASME Design Division Education Committee and the ASME Old Guard Committee jointly sponsors the competition. This competition provides student members a start on the professional path through paper publication. The competition is for undergraduate students who are members of the ASME.

The work, which provides the basis for the paper, must have been done while the author(s) were undergraduates. Finalists must have completed the work and submitted the paper no later than six months after graduation from an ABET approved school at the undergraduate level. Papers will be reviewed according to the regular ASME standards for technical pamphlet publications. From the accepted papers, the ASME's Design Division Education Committee chooses finalists based on the design aspects of the work. Up to four winning papers are chosen and each team receives a monetary prize. Winners will be invited to present their papers during the ASME International Mechanical Engineers Conference/Congress.

2001 Award Winners:
  • John O'Callaghan, Jr., Timothy Goddard, Robert Birichi, John Jagodnik, Sean Westbrook
    Northeastern University, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
    "Abutment Hammering Tool for Dental Implants."
  • Amip J. Shah, Michael L. Resciniti
    Rowan University, New Jersey, U.S.A.
    "Design of a Mobility Mechanism for a Rescue and Surveillance Vehicle."
  • Emily K. Goforth
    University of Alabama, U.S.A.
    "Design of a Human Powered Moonbuggy."
2000 Award Winners:
  • E. Blair Sutton
    Bucknell University, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
    "Better Snowboards by Design."
  • Amip Shah
    Rowan University, New Jersey, U.S.A.
    "An Assessment of the Role of the Wheelchair for Power Generation in the Human-Powered Stair Climber."
  • Daina L. Lee
    University of Alabama, U.S.A.
    "Occupant Restraint Systems."
1999 Award Winners:
  • Mark T. Kohls and Amy F. Mielke
    University of Dayton, Ohio, USA
    "Hydraulic Dsign of a Universal Stairway Power Delivery System."
  • Stephanie H. Swindle
    University of Alabama, U.S.A.
    "Wheelchair Propelling Device for Cerebral Palsy Children."
1998 Award Winners:
  • Jimenez Rodolfo Barron
    University of Guanajuato at Salamanca, Mexico
    "Design Review and Comparison of Two Hand Tools for Prickly Pear Selective Harvesting."
  • Tanya G. Cole
    University of Alabama, U.S.A.
    "Fishing Aid for Wheelchair Recreation."
  • K. Rajeeva Lochana Moorthy
    Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College, India
    "Design Evaluation for an Internal Combustion Engine Exhaust Valve: A Finite Element Approach."
1997 Award Winners:
  • Vanwijak Eowsakul and Todd Ortolani
    Western New England College 
    "Improving the Aerodynamic Characteristics of a Dodge Ram Pickup Truck" 
  • Alice Soulek 
    Saint Martin's College, Olympia, Washington, U.S.A.
    "Foulant Control System for Large Ships" 
  • Amanda Linen, Ali Lahlou, and Barry Masters 
    University of South Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina, U.S.A.
    "Workstation for the Visually Impaired" 
1996 Award Winners:
  • Richard Colwell and Eric Harwood
    University of Toledo, Ohio, U.S.A. 
    "The UT Prosthetic Hand." 
  • Vanessa Ennis
    University of Alabama, U.S.A. 
    "Design of a Backseat Wheelchair Loader for a Two-Door Car." 
  • David Vaughn
    Brothers University, Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.A. 
    "A Two-Dimensional Demonstration Smoke Tunnel."
  • Jared Wiitale, James Schmiedeler, and Bradley Rister
    University of Notre Dame, Southbend, Indiana, U.S.A.
    "Design of a New Singularity Free Robotic Wrist." 
1995 Award Winners:
  • Charoenchai Khompatraporn, Daniel Kalessio, Jason Perry, John Kim, Nehru Satahoo
    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
    "Design and Manufacturing of a Polypropylene Snap-fit Fastener."
  • Sherry Leeann Smith
    University of Alabama
    "Design of a Low-Cost Wheelchair Lift."
  • Michael Cradonna
    University of Notre Dame
    "Design of a Spring Loaded Four-bar Mechanism for Counterbalancing."
1994 Award Winners: (information missing)
1993 Award Winners:
  • David K. Kedrowski and Scott P. Slimak
    Western Michigan University
    "Wobbling Gear Drivetrain for Cordless Screwdriver."
  • David C. Marlow
    Michigan State University
    "Finite Element Analysis of a Formula SAE Chassis."
  • Anthony G. Chan
    Purdue University
    "The Kinematic Analysis of Two Planer Cooperating Robots."
1992 Award Winners:
  • Nick Gonzales, Anwar Halteh, Alvin Kan, Kingman Tang and Michael Yoshihara
    San Jose State University
    "Design of Calibration Probe for NASA-AMES 11 Foot Wind Tunnel."
  • Michael Alexandrian and Martin Schwalm
    University of Massachusetts
    "Comparison of Ethanol and Gasoline as Automotive Fuels."
  • Brian A. Hurd, Ian Howie, John M. Lambert and James E. Tompkins
    University of Delaware
    "Design & Manufacture of Stealth Composite Frame for Generators."
  • Sara Farrar and Joel Nevison
    Colorado State University
    "Design of Airachnid -- the Colorado State University 1992 Walking Machine."
1991 Award Winners:
  • M.J. Hermanson, K. Amdahl, C.C. Conley, and B. Leonard
    "Design of a Semi-Recumbent Human-Powered Hydrofoil."
  • S.A. McCormick and J.A. Quoziente
    "Automotive Bumper System Design."
1990 Award Winners (first year):
  • Kevin Kamphuis and John Ward
    "Rolling Coefficient of Friction Test Machine."

Original: 1998 December, T. Libertiny; updated 2000 November.