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http://www.udel.edu/fye/ - UD's First Year Experience webpage,
http://www.aec.udel.edu/ - UD's Academic Enrichment Center,
http://studentcentral.udel.edu - UD's Student Organizations,
http://honors.udel.edu/ - UD's Honors Program,
http://urp.udel.edu/ - UD's Undergraduate Research Program,
http://www.udel.edu/CSC/ - UD's Career Services Center, and
http://mess.udel.edu/ - Mechanical Engineering Student Squad.

Fall 2018

Courses: MEEG301 (with Dr. Glancey), Machine Design - Kinematics and Kinetics (Sakai),
MEEG401, Senior Design (for design information check out sites.udel.edu/meeg401 for course details see the course Canvas) site
Office Hours (link)

send email to: keefe {at} udel.edu