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Mechanical Design and Development Lab

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Welcome to the Mechanical Design and Development Laboratory!

Our research interests are in the application of the solid mechanics, controls, sensors, solid modeling and electronics to a variety of problems.  Goals of our work include the development of new or improved products and automated processes, the forensics of product failures, as well as a better understanding of the underlying physics of many natural and man-made phenomena. 


Over the last ten years, a wide variety of research, teaching and outreach projects have been completed with the help of more than forty graduate and undergraduate students.  Partnering with local and national industry and government agencies is an important objective of the lab, and some recent sponsors have included:


          -  Case-New Holland, LLC                                               -  The DuPont Co.- Experimental Station

          -  Baltimore Tool Works, Inc.                                            -   Hard Cap, LLC

          -  The Office of Naval Research                                       The DuPont Co.- Stine-Haskle Laboratory

          -  The Delaware Dept. of Natural Resources                 National Forensic Engineers, Inc.

          -  Dade Behring                                                                   -  The DuPont Co.- Beech Street Engineering


Most projects include a combination of analysis/simulations, prototyping, and testing.  Cooperation with several centers on campus is typical including  the Center for Biomedical Engineering Research and the Center for Composite Materials.  Publication of our results in engineering journals and conference proceedings is an important objective of our work, and students have co-authored more than 80 articles since 1997.  Please visit the Research Programs, Teaching and Opportunities for Students links (above) to learn more about the work in our lab.  And don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

Thanks, James Glancey

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