Iím tracing my family genealogy and history.  My family names include:

         Fagerstrom (Rockford, Illinois and Fagerhult, Smaland, Sweden),

         Carlstedt (Rockford & Chicago Illinois and Eksjo & Askyerd, Jonkoping, Sweden),

         Sinderson (Rockford & Chemung, Illinois and Lincolnshire, England),

         Simmons (Chemung, IL, Paris, NY, Little Compton, RI, and Duxbury, MA),

         Ludeman [Luedeman, Luedemann] (Mt. Clements, MI & Boone, IA and Prussia)

         Rocho (Mt. Clements, MI & Boone, IA and Prussia)


Iím active in the Swedish Genealogy Club of the American Swedish Historical Society in Philadelphia and have written A Beginners Guide to Swedish Genealogy.


Sunday August 31, 2014 will be the 19th year I, or Kristina Johnson OíDoherty, have presented Beginning Scandinavian Genealogy at SCANFEST on Labor Day weekend.  It is held at Vasa Park in Budd Lake, NJ.