Principles of Composites Manufacturing
MEEG655/855-FALL 2005


Dr. S. G. Advani
205 Spencer Lab. (x-8975) (Mornings)
205 Composites Manufacturing Science Lab (x-1674) (afternoons) (

I will post regular office hours on my Webpage. Please try to come during these times if at all possible. If you cannot come during regular office hours please call (831-8975) and make an appointment.

Office Hours: MWF 11:00 to noon p.m. or by appointment

Text Book:

The primary text material will be Process Modeling in Composites Manufacturing
by Suresh G. Advani and E. Murat Sozer (2002). Published by Marcel- Dekkar (ISBN: 0-8247-0860-1)

Other Reference books

  1. Advanced Composites Manufacturing edited by Tim Gutowski
  2. Manufacturing of Polymer Composites, by Tomas Astrom
Downloads: compression molding|

Assignments  #1|#2|#3|#4|#5|#6

Homework will be assigned approximately on a fortnight basis and a due date will be given with each assignment. Late homework will be accepted (with 25% reduced grade) until the beginning of the class following the due date.

Homework solutions must be written neatly on only one side of the paper and all pages must be stapled together. In addition, the following items are not acceptable: untrim pages torn from notebooks, pages clipped or folded together.

Midterm Project The project will involve conducting a composite manufacturing experiment in the laboratory after designing the process conditions.  The project will be assigned at the end of the second week. The project report and five minute presentation of the result will be due by mid October.


Final Grade will be based on assignments and project scores, weighted as follows:

Assignments                                           40%
Midterm Project                                     30%
Final Exam                                              30%

Course Contents

I. A Brief Introduction to Composite Materials
II. Overview of Composite Manufacturing Processes
III. Transport Equations for Composites Processing
IV. Constitutive Laws and their Characterization
V. Modeling Approach and Tools for Simplification and Solution
VI. Short Fiber Molding Processes
 A. Compression Molding
B. Injection Molding
C. Extrusion
VII. Advanced Thermoplastic Manufacturing Processes
 A. Pultrusion
 B. Sheet Forming
 C. Tape Placement/Filament Winding
VIII. Processing Science of Reactive Polymer Composites
A. Liquid Composites Molding
B. Autoclave Processing of Composites
C. Filament Winding