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Neuromuscular Biomechanics Lab



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Research Overview

The fundamental objective of our research group is to improve the understanding of muscle coordination in normal and pathological movement through coupled experimental and simulation studies. We will develop a cause-and-effect framework that relates muscle impairments to gait deviations and ultimately we will form a scientific rationale for therapeutic interventions.

Current experiments involve three-dimensional kinematic and kinetic analysis and EMG recording during treadmill and overground gait. State-of-the-art modeling and optimization techniques are used to develop simulations based on experimental data. Ongoing research projects are related to:

1) Muscle deficits and subject-specific interventions for post-stroke hemiparetic gait

2) Cartilage contact and compressive forces in progressive knee osteoarthritis

3) Simulation-based analysis of muscle coordination in healthy and pathological gait (simtk.org)


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