Supervision of Undergraduate Research

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2. Tim Kostar (1989) " Experimental Investigation of Fiber-Fiber Interactions in a Model Suspension" 

3. Dimitrios Patsios (1989) "Monte-Carlo Simulation of Spatial Distribution of Thick Fibers" 

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5. Eric Tu (1990) "An Automated Measurement of Fiber Orientation" 

6. Jacek Jarocz (1990) "Modeling Flow of Resin through a Transient Porous Medium" 

7. Donald Sturgeon (1990) " Experimental Investigation of Flow of Non-Newtonian Fluids through Undulating Tubes" 

8. Mark Cotter (1991) "Weighting Factors for Three-Dimensional Fiber Orientation Information from Two Dimensional Images" 

9. Angela Spinelli (1992) " Investigation of the Resin Flow Front in Woven Preforms" 

10. Curtis Ebersold (1992) "Intelligent Manufacturing of Filament Wound Structures" 

11. Vince Basilio (1993) "Modeling the flow in Fiber Placement Manufacturing Process" 

12. Chad Texter (1995) "Parameters in RTM process" 

13. Paul Franco (1995) "Particle Behavior near a Wall in Simple Shear flow" 

14. Patrick Murphy (1996) "Draping of Preforms Over Complex Curvatures" 

15. Sarah Gulemai (1996) " Measurement of Draping Parameters in Resin Transfer Molding" 

16. Joe Salvia (1997), "Interfaces for Fluid Flow Simulations".

17. Neal Smith (1998), “Validation studies of the SCRIMP process”.

18. Joshua Radice (1998), “Permeability Measurements of Deformed Fabrics”.

19.   Peter  Graham (1998), “Flow visualization studies in RTM”.

20.  Jeff Acheson (1999), “ Parametric Studies of the VARTM process”.

24. Michelle Mariatte (1999), “ MJS application for Biomedical Implants”.

23. Jeff White (2000), “ Microstructure Analysis of RTM Parts”

24. Matthew Boyd (2001) “Design of Viscometer for Ceramic Powders”

25. Stephen Wright (2002) “Couette Flow of Alumina Powders"

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34. Courtney Herbein (2006),” The effect of applied voltage on orientation of Carbon Nanotubes in a composite”

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37. Doug Divito, (2007) " Injection Molding of Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Composites,"

38.  Chase T. Ross (2008), "Nesting in Fiber Composites,"

39.  Amir Reza Sedigh Haghighat (2008)  (Co-advisor Prasad), "Experimental Characterization Of In-Plane Permeability Of Gas Diffusion Layers: Influence Of The Saturation Level,"

40. Cedric Jacob (2008) (Co-advisor Prasad), "Synthesis And Characterization Of Portable DMFC Power Supply System"

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46.Pierre Yao Koffi (2010), (co-advisor Prasad) "Percolation Of Cnt In Tio2 Composite For Pem Fuel Cell Application,"

47. Shane Marcks(2010), (co-advisor Prasad) "Fuel Cell Bus Project"

48. Becky Buxbaum (2010), (co-advisor Prasad) "Fuel Cell Bus Project"

49. Erik Andres (2010), (co-advisor Prasad) "Fuel Cell Bus Project"

50. Michael Brupbacher (2010), (co-advisor Prasad) "Solar Thermal Hydrogen Production Reactor"

51. Allan Arisi (co-advisor Prasad) "Fuel Cell Bus Project"

52. Stephen Hale(co-advisor Prasad) "Fuel Cell Bus Project"

53. . Richard Reddy, " Composite Manufacturing with Process Control"

54. . Jeff Lugo " Permeability Characterization"

55. . Steve Simpers " Permeability Characterization"

56  Robert Amabile " Liquid Molding with Flow Control"

57.  Chanel Aldrich " heat Dispersion in Liquid Composite Molding"

58.  Kevin Sadeghipour(co-advisor Prasad) "Fuel Cell Bus Project"