Supervision of Research Scientists

1. Martin Indermaur, Dipl. Masch. Ing. ETHZ (1996)  - "Integration of Intelligent Methods to Process Composites by RTM" 

2. Makarand G. Joshi, (Post-Doctoral Fellow, 1996-1998) 

3. Ercument Murat Sozer, (Post-Doctoral Fellow, 1997-2000) 

4. Jing Yan, (Post-Doctoral Fellow, 1997-1998) 

5. Xavier E. Gallez, (Research Scientist, 1995-1997) 

6. Andreas Reinhardt, Dipl. Ing. Uni Kaiserslautern, (Visiting Scientist, 1995-1997) 

7. Pavel Simacek, (Research Associate, 1999-present)

8. Feng Yuan Zhang (Research Associate, 2006- present) Co-advised by Prasad

9. Doug Brunner (Research Associate, 2007-present) Co-advised by Prasad

10. Krishnan Palanichamy (Research Associate, 2007-present) Co-advised by Prasad

11. Adam Kinzey (Research Associate, 2009-present) Co-advised by Prasad

12. Wook Ryol Hwang (2009), Visiting Professor, Center for Composite Materials, University of Delaware, (Permanent) Associate Professor, School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Gyeongsang National University, KOREA