Supervision of Graduate Research (Doctoral)

1. Ali Arefmanesh, Ph.D (1991) "Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Bubble Growth in Viscous Fluids" 

2. Mehmet Erhun, Ph.D. (1991), "Modeling Heat Flow During Crystallization of Semi-Crystalline Polymers" 

3. Chiu Y. Chan,(co-advisor Dr. Beris, Chemical Engineering) Ph.D (1991) "Use of Higher Order Boundary Elements to Model Hydrodynamic Interactions around Ellipsoids" 

4. Michiel V Bruschke, Ph.D. (1992), "A Predictive Model for Permeability and Non--Isothermal Flow of Viscous and Shear--Thinning Fluids in Anisotropic Fibrous Media" 

5. Sridhar Ranganathan, Ph.D. (1992) "Mechanics of Fiber-Fiber Interactions during the Flow of Non-Dilute Fiber Suspensions" 

6. Sunil Gupte, Ph.D. (1995) "Modeling and Experimental Investigation of Transport Processes during the Flow of Viscous Fluids in Porous Materials" 

7. Suranjan RoyChowdhary, Ph.D (1995) (Co-Advisor. Jack Gillespie, Material Science) "Void Formation and Growth in Amorphorous Thermoplastic Polymeric Materials" 

8. Andre Benard, Ph.D. (1995), "Transport Phenomena and Microstructure Development during Solidification of Semi-crystalline Polymers and Composites" 

9. Steve Shuler, Ph.D.(1996), (Co-advisors: Dr. Santare ? Dr. Pipes, Purdue University) "Rheology and Forming of Long Discontinuous Thermoplastic Composite Materials" 

10. Terry Creasy, Ph.D. (1997) "Characterization of Rheology of Collimated Fiber Materials" . 

11. Krishna Pillai, Ph.D. (1997)," Modeling, Simulation and Control of RTM Processes" 

12. Simon Bickerton, Ph.D. (1999), "Modeling and Control of Flow during Impregnation of Heterogeneous Porous Media, with Application to Composite Mold Filling Processes".

13. Kuang-Ting  Hsiao, Ph.D.  (1999), "Heat Transfer During Laminar Incompressible Flow of Fluids in Periodic Porous Media".

14. Sylvia Kueh, Ph.D. (2001)  (Co-Advisor: Richard Parnas, Associate Professor, U. of Connecticut), "Development, Calibration and Implementation of Fiber Optic Sensors in Molds Used in RTM".

15. Roopesh Mathur, Ph.D. (2002), (Co-Advisor: Bruce Fink, ARL),  "Optimization of Input Process Parameters in Composite Processing�.

16. Ali Gokce, Ph.D. (2003), �Modeling of Flow Continuum and Optimal Design of Control-Oriented Injection Systems in Liquid Composite Molding Processes�.

17. Jeff Lawrence, Ph.D. (2005), �Methodologies for Resin Flow Prediction and Manipulationin Liquid Composite Molding Processes�.

18. Fuping Zhou, Ph.D. (2006)(Co-Advisor: Eric Wetzel, ARL), �Creeping Flow Behavior Of Dense Granular Materials Under High Confinement Pressure�

19. Zhihang Fan, Ph.D. (2007) "Flow And Rheology Of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Thermoset Resin Suspensions In Processing Of Glass Fiber Composites"

20. Weizhong Tang, Ph.D. (2007), "Molecular Dynamic Simulations Of Carbon Nanotubes In Liquid Flow" 

21. Valentin Neacsu, Ph.D. ( 2009), "Modeling and Measurement of Micro Flow in Dual Scale Porous Media"

22. Dusan Spernjak, Ph.D. ( 2010), (Co-Advisor: Ajay Prasad) "Experimental Characterization Of Water Transport In Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells"

23. Srikanth Arisetty, Ph.D. (2010), (Co-Advisor Ajay Prasad), "Investigation Of Methanol Transport And Reaction Kinetics In Direct Methanol Fuel Cells,"

24. Justin Alms, Ph.D. (2010) (Co-Advisor, Jim Glancey), "Flow Manipulation And Control Methodologies For Vacuum Infusion Processes"

25. Clare Steggall, Ph.D. (2011), (Co-Advisor, Shridhar  Yarlagadda) "Modeling and analysis of manufacturing of thermoplastic matrix continuous fiber composites using particle impregnation"

26. Vasan Churchill, Ph.D. (2011) (Co-Advisor, Michael Santare), " Role of multiwalled carbon nanotube in interlaminar shear strength of epoxy/glass fiber/multi walled carbon nanotube hybrid composites"

27. Erik Koepf, Ph.D. (2014), (Co-Advisor: Ajay Prasad) "Solar hydrogen by thermochemical water splitting cycles: design, modeling, and demonstration of a novel receiver/reactor for the high temperature decomposition of ZnO using concentrated sunlight"

28. Jennifer Mueller, Ph.D.(2014), (Co-Advisor: John W. Gillespie, Jr.) "Exploring diffusion of ultrasonically consolidated aluminum and copper films through scanning and transmission electron microscopy"

 29, Hui Wang,
Ph.D.  (2014), (Co-Advisor: Ajay Prasad) "Hydrogen storage systems based on metal hydrides with efficient heat removal "

30. John Gangloff, Ph.D.( 2014),  "Modeling and analysis of bubble mobility in fibrous porous media"

31. Firat Cetinbas, Ph.D., (2014), (Co-Advisor Ajay Prasad), Modeling and optimization of the PEM fuel cell catalyst layer

32. Hang Yu (Ph.D. 2015), (Co-Advisor: Dirk Heider)" Methods to characterize and enhance the through-thickness thermal conductivity of three dimensional polymer composites,"

33. Hatice Sinem Sas, Ph.D.(2015),  "Addressing variability of fiber preform permeability in process design for liquid composite molding"

34.  Tom Cender, Ph.D. (2017), " Process analysis of manufacturing composites structures with vacuum-bag-only prepregs: quantifying partial resin impregnation and its effect on gas evacuation"

35. Jiayin Wang, Ph.D. (2017), "Integration of composite part design and processing simulation in liquid composite molding,"

36. Matthew D. Lindemer,Ph.D. (2017), "Heterogeneous hydrolysis with zinc vapor under a temperature gradient for efficient solar hydrogen production,"

37. Andrew Baker, ( 2107) (Co-Advisor Ajay Prasad), “Enhancing the chemical and mechanical durability of polymer electrolyte membranes for fuel cell applications”

38.  Michael Yaeger ( 2017), “ Multiscale modeling to describe free surface resin flow around fibers and within fiber bundles",

Current Ph.D students

37 .Hong Yu,  (Expected 2017) (Co-Advisor Dirk Heider), "Micromechanics modeling of electrical conductivity of Composites"

40.Yongqiang Wang,  (Expected 2018) (Co-Advisor Ajay Prasad) " Modeling Vehicle Connectivity""

41. Minyoung Yun (Expected 2019) "Process Modeling and Simulation of Composite Manufacturing Processes:

42. Navid Kermani (Expected 2020), "Modeling Adhesive Behavior in Sandwich Composites,"