What is Rheology ?

Rheology  is "the deformation science of materials". It is the study of how materials such as honey, dough, polymers and blood flow under an applied stress or pressure. 


Below is a snapshot of a  composite of fibers and a polymer that is heated to 300C and squeezed between two parallel plates by applying a force. The value of the force and the displacement of the plates can be monitored. In addition by screen printing a grid along the thickness direction of the material, one can monitor the deformation of the grid. Hence, we can gather local (velocity distribution) and global (force, displacement) information from the same experiment 

Velocity Distribution

Velocity distribution in a unidirectional APC-2 laminate during a 0.2 cm/min squeeze flow experiment. 

Velocity Distribution after 0s ...after 0s 
Velocity Distribution after 40s ...after 40s 
Velocity Distribution after 80s ...after 80s 

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